Last update: December 21st, 2018

Latest Releases

Follow our list of releases to find out what we have accomplished in the latest installments of the IDE.

v0.2.0 Beta

# Platform Release Date
0.2.0 Windows 21.12.2018 Download
0.2.0 Mac 21.12.2018 Download
0.2.0 Linux 21.12.2018 Download


  • Launched Modex Test Net
  • Integrated with Modex Test Net

v0.1.0 Beta

# Platform Release Date
0.1.0 Windows 17.10.2018 Download
0.1.0 Mac 17.10.2018 Download
0.1.0 Linux 17.10.2018 Download


  • Bundled with Solidity language support
  • Bundled with autocomplete capabilities for Solidity
  • Bundled with sintax highlighting for Solidity
  • Bundled with offline Solidity compilation and analysis
  • Integrated with Test Net
  • Capability to deploy Contract to Test Net